The average bedroom takes anywhere from 15-25 hours of focused organizing work.
The quantity of our belongings and decision-making process directly effects the time and effort required.
Below are our 3 Organizing Tiers or “base packages” to help guide you in choosing the organizing style that works best for you.


virtual coach approach

allows you take full control of the de-cluttering process with visual design & Strategy support.

perfect for:
folks who don’t mind doing the physical work of de-cluttering but would like support with the visual or emotional components.
3 sessions @ $150


collaborative approach

allows you be involved in the organizing process without having to do it all on your own.

perfect for:
folks who need a little more structure & hands-on support but don’t mind doing their “homework” to keep costs low.
15 hours @ $500


hands-on Approach

allows you step back from the daily details as we de-clutter and reorganize on your behalf.

perfect for:
folks who don’t have the time or BANDWIDTH to de-clutter and organize but would like to be involved in the general process.
25 hours @ $1,500